Project adopt a Village | Chennai

Timeline: June – July

Locations of the project – Mahabalipuram, Kovilambakkam, Kottakuppam, Avanipur, Neykuppi, Kovalam, Egattur, Mathur
*Volunteers will be allotted villages by us*

Job description of volunteers for the 5 week project :

  • Week 1- Introduction / Induction / Prepare for reality / Experience Chennai + Visit village sites / Understand the reality / Customise projects based on reality of surroundings
  • Week 2,3,4,5 –          
    • Healthcare– Interns showcase the importance of Primary Healthcare for Children & Adults by spreading awareness and providing long lasting solutions for the same
    • EducationInterns innovate and find new ways to help the population of the village realise the importance of education for their children and themselves. They also educate them on how to utilise their surroundings and resources effectively in order to create an environment of smart & sustainable living
    • SanitationInterns teach the people the value of sanitation & healthcare in their daily lives through sustainable campaigns
    • Women Empowerment Interns provide counselling, approve education funds for (a) children of destitute women and (b) bids for micro-financing for new businesses
    • Capture TamilNaduInterns are responsible for documenting their own journeys and the impact they have created in the world around them. This media is compiled by them in the last two days of week 5, as a closing to their experience.
  • Activities  –  Medical Camps, Counselling sessions for women empowerment & education, etc.
  • Note: All projects are subjective to the village and what it requires. Interns are requested to prepare for all projects. Depending on the priority and requirement of the individual village, every project can be extended or shortened. The Media Project however is compulsory and is considered a closing to the internship.
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