Boundaryless Fellowship 2016

Boundaryless Initiative is a network of responsible individuals who collectively intend to impact the future of human civilization. These individuals, including several IITians, are spread all over the world. Visit Website. With a view to accelerate the process of creating the Boundaryless World, the initiative is choosing the second batch of  Boundaryless Fellowship.
Boundaryless Fellowship
The 2 year full time residential Boundaryless Fellowship enables the Fellows  capable of addressing the underlying concerns of human civilization. Fellows stay at Sabka Ghar, near Rishikesh, study and learn, organize events, interact with visitors, execute sustainable development projects etc.
Please choose any dates below to attend 2 day BBP. Please note that attending BBP does not guarantee selection in the fellowship. Selection  process also includes a visit to Sabka Ghar and  a personal interaction. You need to make your own travel arrangements to travel to Delhi/ Sabka Ghar. Staying accommodation at Sabka Ghar is available. In Delhi, In case you need assistance in arranging accommodation, pl. let us know.
Do confirm  about the dates you will be attending 2 day BBP dates. The dates for BBP are:
July 9-10 at  Sabka Ghar
Jul  23-24  Delhi
Send completed essay before attending BBP. Also, bring a print out or written pages of your essays to BBP
The selection process is underway.  Download Application
Email the completed application to [email protected].
Date of Commencement: 12th August 2016
Last Date to apply : July 20th 2016
Eligibility Age on 31st July 2016 : 18 years or above
Gender, Nationality : Any
A stipend of Rs 10,000 per month will be offered to few fellows
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