Reading activity manual

A beautiful reading activity where every volunteer picks up a child (or a group of children) and reads a story to the child and also makes them read it back immediately afterward. To the child, the activity is not just to stimulate the habit of reading but also to inculcate the value of giving. To the volunteer the activity is meant to be an eye-opener to the disparities in the education system in India.

During Daan Utsav, 2016, this activity will happen on October 8th in a place of your choice as part of the Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving Week) events.

Before the activity:

  • Prior to the programme – Create awareness through sessions, word of mouth, and social media about the event.
  • Select a beneficiary (or a group) of your choice. It could be a children from a nearby shelter home, government school or even a slum
  • Before commencing the event, make sure you have downloaded the story here
  • Plan for at least one volunteer for every 3-5 children
  • Prepare for your session. Read the story a few times. If you are reading to a younger age-group, see how you can tell the story without actually reading the book (to retain their attention).
Download the story of Giving

During the activity:

  • Gather the volunteers and brief them about the event.
  • Brief the volunteer on reading out the story to the child, and also making the child to read back the story.
  • Explain the importance of doing this activity
  • Assign a person to take photographs and a video of the event
  • At the end of the activity take a picture with all the volunteers sporting the Happy Dot.

After the activity:

  • Thank the volunteers for their time and part in the event
  • Share the picture and videos taken with #DaanUtsav<your city>, #HappyDot.