Robin Hood Army – Mission 500k

It’s India and Pakistan’s 70th year of Independence. We wanted to talk about our common enemy – HUNGER.

There are 230 million people on both sides of the border who do not have two square meals a day. 230 million. We lose 7000 of our countrymen every single day because of hunger. This Independence Day – let’s change that. We shall not blame the state, social workers, celebrities – it is time for you to step forward. The biggest act of freedom is serving your countrymen.

The major startups, VH1, musicians, and RHA, are coming together in an unprecedented mission to unite Indians and Pakistanis into action. On Independence Day, together we shall serve the number of citizens we have served in the past two years in the RHA, in two days5,00,000 people in need.

Ready to join the war? Here’s how:

    • Gather your friends and family, reach out to people who are less fortunate – the homeless, an orphanage, old age homes
    • If you belong to a corporate office/ college – get your whole team outdoors to make a difference
    • Don’t just serve food, talk to people, listen to them – everyone has a story they love sharing
    • Take happy pictures and share these moments on social media with the hashtag #Mission500k. Also share this with everyone across India and Pakistan.
    • Any impact is positive – whether you help ten people or a thousand, every bit counts
    • Lastly, don’t forget to wear green (Be Robin Hood)
    • Details for cities:

      1.Noida | Venue: Sector Park- Oppposite House no.99/b, Block C, Sector 44, Noida | Date: 15th August,2016 (Monday) | Time: 1:00pm | Contact: Kasturi +917045044254

      2.Powai | Date: Sunday August 14th | Time: 11.00 am onwards | Contact: Seema Buckshee +91 9920377244

      3.Bandra | Date: Sunday August 14th | Time: 10.30 am onwards  OR
      Date: Monday August 15th | Time: 2 pm onwards
      Contact: Mrinali Kaul | Phone: +91 9820169868

      4.South Mumbai (Marine Lines to Mahim) | Date: Sunday August 14th | Time: 10.00 am onwards OR
      Date: Monday August 15th | Time: 10 am onwards
      Contact: Priyanka Tripathi +91 8452882756

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