‘Swadharma’ – An Auroville Semester Programme | Pondicherry


Auroville has launched a Semester programme that offers youth of age group between 18 to 28 years, a space for self-reflection and holistic action. Swadharma semester programme follows a pedagogy deeply rooted in exploring and discovering one’s true potential. Its objective is to help the learner to come in touch with the inherent evolutionary force of their being through a series of simultaneous inner and outer explorations. The awakening and growth of the being is the fundamental condition for the unfolding of Swadharma, the work governed by one’s own nature. Only when this unfolding happens, an individual can act in the world with harmony and delight, expressing the highest possibility of one’s life’s creative purpose.

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Note that the programme is for 20 participants and the first round of applications will conclude on 15th June 2016. 
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