SBI Youth for India fellowship

Are you an educated Indian youth looking for an opportunity to create a positive change at the grass-roots level in rural India? Are you one of the young intellectual minds who believes in being the change you want to see in the world? Do you have the passion and ideas to change the face of the rural development in India?

If yes, then the SBI Youth for India fellowship is looking for you. SBI Youth for India fellowship programme is an initiative by the SBI Foundation to reform rural India by teaming up with dynamic, willful and passionate urban youth who believe in being the change.

This fellowship is a 13-month programme, where the Fellows are placed with our reputed partner NGOs in villages across India. Our alumni have worked in the tribal areas of Orissa & Gujarat to high altitude areas in Uttarakhand to dry Rajasthan to the jungles of Kerala and Maharashtra. Our fellows have contributed innovative ideas and solutions to the areas of Education, Health, Livelihoods, Environment, Women Empowerment, Alternate Energy, Technology, Social Entrepreneurship to name a few.

Most of our fellows have continued their passion for development sector, while some have returned to their previous lives with more knowledge and experience. But every fellow has undergone a unique transformation and has touched many lives with their ideas of change.

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SBI Youth for India believes in the ripples of change; we seek your co-operation in spreading the news of our SBI Youth for India fellowship programme. We encourage you to reach out to spread the word amongst your Alumni Network, Friends, Ex-colleagues, etc.

Pravah – International Citizen Service

Bhumi is happy to announce that our beloved counterpart, Pravah, is now recruiting candidates for its International Citizen Service (ICS). It is an exciting three-month volunteering programme by Pravah and VSO, funded by the UK Government. The programme offers volunteering opportunities to Indian and UK nationals. The volunteers engage with social and developmental issues, to effectively contribute in local communities and to develop personal skills. ICS volunteers leave the programme as better-informed active citizens with new skills for life – and to offer to potential employers.


ICS is open to 18 to 35-year olds regardless of income, qualifications, disability and work history. You must however meet the following criteria if you wish to apply.

As a volunteer:

  • Be aged 18 to 25 at the time you take up your placement (you can apply at 17 if you will be 18 by the time you leave)
  • Be committed to attending all trainings which you will be supported with throughout
  • Be able to stay away from home for 10 to 12 weeks during your placement
  • Be committed to sharing your experience with others and taking action in your local community when you return.
  • Be willing to challenge yourself, adapt to different situations and work as part of a team.

As a Team Leader:

  • Be aged 23 to 35 years of age.
  • Be committed to attend and co-facilitate all trainings (with additional trainings for Team Leaders)
  • Ability to plan logically and manage a varied workload
  • Ability to work flexibly and on your own initiative
  • Be willing to challenge yourself, adapt to different situations and lead a team.
  • Have some experience of working with young people and teams.
  • Be fluent in English and/ or Hindi

You must be willing to complete the Action at Home Project post the placement and as an ICS volunteer/ Team leader you will be asked to submit reflective write-ups, reports as well as adhere to a code of conduct.

As a Pravah ICS volunteer or Team Leader,

  • You will volunteer in a rural community in Rajasthan for three months.
  • You will be placed in a team of 20 – 22 volunteers (10 from UK and 10 from India) and will live, volunteer and learn together throughout the programme. This team will be supported by Team Leaders (from UK and India) and a Programme Coordinator in that community.
  • You will get the opportunity to interact with diverse groups, live and learn about new cultures through volunteering.
  • You will spend three months contributing to impactful development projects that tackle important issues of the community.
  • You will be required to design and execute an individual Action at Home project in your home community, within six months of returning from the placement.

The programme pays for travel, accommodation, food, medical costs, and a modest allowance for the three months in host community.

When is the program?

Pravah is recruiting for 3 batches in this year now:

  1. July-September
  2. September-November
  3. mid October-mid January

How to apply? 

Follow the link and download the application package-

For any query, write to us at [email protected] or call at +91-8586941784.

Send applications to [email protected]

Bhumi wishes the best to all the applicants.

Know more about the exhilarating journey



Gramya Manthan 2016 | Fellowship

Gramya Manthan, a nine day rural immersion journey with 30 passionate change agents to remote villages in Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh, India.  This is the 5th annual Gramya Manthan program hosted by Youth Alliance.

The program aims at developing a deeper awareness of ourselves and the world around us by following our curiosity and discovering new understanding by creating a space to learn, to observe and engage with the diverse realities of our world.

The idea is also to bring ourselves into rhythm with the surprisingly complex realities and wisdom of rural life, allowing ourselves a platform to begin to think more holistically and to challenge our preconceived notions about Indian rural communities.

The program has been enriched by interactions with

  • Mr. Anshu Gupta – Founder, Goonj.
  • Mr. R. Elango – Kuthambakkam Village.
  • Mr. Ravi Gulati – Founder of Manzil.
  • Mr. Ram NK  – Founder, Rang De.


Process of Gramya Manthan

Gramya Manthan is rooted in the timeless principles of the circle. The facilitators co-create a space for each participant to express her/his unique self as we learn together. Learning happens in three ways-

  •       We learn from each other
  •       We learn with each other
  •       We learn from our own self in the company of each other

The focus of our experience is curiosity and understanding and serving with kindness. Letting our “curiosity be greater than our criticality” creates a context for new ideas to emerge from within. As we step past our preconceived ideas we push our imagination to hold a larger vision of a more just, cooperative and sustainable human world. In the process, we enhance our leadership potential by being more aware of our own inner journey and develop a better understanding of the narratives that guide our thinking and our lives. Find more details about the process here.

To read more about the program, click here.

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