Transforming India Initiative

Program Features

Practitioners as Facilitators
Each course during the 6-month Facilitated Learning is taken by a practitioner with years of experience in that sector. Through a combination of practice, reflection and probing, the practitioners help the seekers work on their thoughts, belief and ideology. The practitioners use real-world application of skills to enhance the learning outcomes.

Sharing Circle
Sharing Circles are small-group discussions which are an integral part of the curriculum where our seekers share their feelings, experiences, and insights in response to specific, assigned topics. They build a sense of community and facilitate the process of self-transformation.

Engagement Activities
The role of Engagement Activities is to build the cohort into a collective that will together work towards a shared vision. During Engagement Activities, the seekers come together to design, develop and implement (or be a part of) social activities.

Travel Workshop
Each travel workshop is a unique 7-day experience understanding different models. Over the course of 6 workshops covering themes like urban issues, rural issues, environment etc, seekers will examine the economic, social and environmental impact of social-enterprises and develop new entrepreneurial perspectives

Acceleration Initiative
The 18 months practicum period is designed to be an experiential learning process for the seekers. The seekers will work with the founders or leaders at the enterprises chosen based on their area of interest, providing technical guidance and facilitating access to resources and expertise as required by the enterprises.
Reflection workshops
Reflection workshops are spaces for seekers to come back to the base, discuss ideas with each other and the TII team. The objective of the reflection workshop is for seekers to present their project progress, get feedback from experts and plan the next few months of their practicum.

Social Entrepreneur Saturdays
An SES is an opportunity to understand and interact with a social entrepreneur. During these workshops, the entrepreneurs share their journey of establishing, growing and running their enterprise. Through this, the seekers also build a practical perspective and a network of ecosystem builders from all sectors and at all stages of the journey .