Volunteers for Katha on Ratha | Chennai

“Katha on Ratha”, a “read along with children” program to instill the passion and confidence of reading and learning for young children, requires full-time fellows and volunteers to play the role of reading coaches who will be assigned to a school or cluster of schools (about 5) based on their availability and the school availability.

Graduates who are passionate in volunteering their time and inspired for the cause of instilling the passion of reading and learning among young children. Involves travelling to a select school on the same day of the week (mostly Saturday) in and around Chennai to engage with children in read along sessions; will be trained on story telling techniques to make the classroom sessions more engaging.

Reading Coach (fellow/ volunteer) needs to prepare and deliver the following as part of each Read along session:
· Reads Aloud a bilingual book (or set of two books) in English and Tamil in an engaging way using appropriate Role play/ story telling techniques
· Conduct activities to improve phonemic and phonics awareness, language fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Must have:
a. Strong passion to make good Education accessible for all children and sharing knowledge
b. Ready to work in challenging situation
c. Very strong English and Tamil communication skills
d. Participated in Extra- curricular activities with active Participation in any one of the following : Role play/ Story telling/ Puppet/Quiz/ Elocution
e. Passionate in Reading books and can be a role model for children
f.Rooted in strong value system

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