Activity Based Learning – Education | Maarga | Chennai

Maarga is an initiative focusing on identifying students’ interests and in turn assisting them in pursuing these interests. Maarga currently promotes activity based learning to make learning fun, meaningful and relevant.


In the current project, Maarga is looking to implement a 10 week module for students. The module will focus on reading, listening, speaking and writing skills for students by conducting activities relevant to their interests. Maarga requires 25 volunteers for their project. It includes working with students in the classroom (On – field volunteers) and evaluation of student output/ feedback (Off – field volunteers). Volunteers will also be involved in knowledge transfer to students/ teachers/ school management/ Maarga PMOs and fellow volunteers.

Activity Days: Saturday
Time: 1.5 hours during the school session (anytime between 8:50 AM and 12:25 PM)
Place: Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adayar, Chennai
Contact: Aditya KS | Phone: +91 99520 71237

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