Campus Catalysts – Roles & Responsibilities

Roles of Campus Catalysts

  • Represent Bhumi & Daan Utsav in your organisation
  • Mobilise as many volunteers as possible in your organisation.
  • Strategise & coordinate Festival of Volunteering (Feb 27-Mar 6,2016), Daan Utsav (Oct 02 – Oct 08, 2016), National Volunteering Week and future Bhumi events to be announced from time to time at your organisation

Responsibilities of Campus Catalysts

  • Putting up posters of Bhumi events on the notice board of your organisation
  • Publicising Bhumi events on your organisation’s social media and other communication channels
  • Coordinating with Bhumi in organising workshops in their organisation.
  • Give presentations/create awareness on Bhumi / Daan Utsav / volunteerism in your organisation
  • Track, validate and update the volunteering activities to the Bhumi National Team
  • Optional: Identify one Point of Contact in each Department /Class/ Project/Location and spread the word about Bhumi / Daan Utsav/ volunteerism and coordinate with them.
  • Optional: Help identify volunteering activities/NGOs for which participants (your colleagues) can volunteer within your city

Incentives for Campus Catalysts

  • All Campus Catalysts will receive a certificate
  • Experience the Joy of Volunteering and helping spread the same in your organisation
  • Privilege to attend exclusive networking events (if organised in your city)
  • Exceptional Campus Catalysts will also receive awards
  • Exceptional Campus Catalysts will also have the privilege to attend paid Volcon+ events at no charge (if organized in your city)
  • For more info on Daan Utsav please visit