Do Selfish : Daan Ustav – Bhumi Voluteer Drive

Do Selfish Landing

Bhumi, One of India’s largest youth volunteering organisations is asking the youth of India to volunteer during Daan Utsav (a.k.a. Joy of Giving Week).
We are looking for volunteers between October 2-8.

You can Do Selfish by participating in pre-planned events around your city (e.g. tree plantation drives, clean-ups, etc.), organise your own event or plan to take your maid’s children out for an ice-cream. Remember, no act is too small or too selfish.

To join hands and celebrate this festival, we have three major events planned across the nation. We are expecting volunteers from 40 cities across India to participate

  1. Country wide cleanup activities on October 2 (Swachh Bharat, Cleanup and Plogging) In partnership with TikTok #CleanIndia campaign 4 billion+ video views
  2. Country wide seed ball making events on October 6th – 10 Lakh Seedballs | 25,000 Volunteers | 50 Cities

Please sign-up below and help us spread the selfishness: #DoSelfish

About Bhumi
Bhumi is one of India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations, participating in causes ranging from education, environment, animals to community welfare and more.