Listing – Volunteer Opportunities

If your organisation wants volunteers we can post your volunteer requirements on this portal and recruit volunteers for your organisation/cause.

Informatiuon required for your organisation to post the opportunity. Examples here

  1. A 50-100 word write up on the activity
  2. Date, place, time of volunteer activity, briefing, training etc.
  3. A brief 20-30 word introduction to your organisation / cause
  4. Any other information you think is necessary for the volunteers to decide about the activity/organisation Eg. website
  5. A good photograph(s) from similar activities in the past
  6. Point of Contact: email or phone for volunteers to reach you for clarifications or queries
  7. Details you need from volunteers: Name, mobile, email, participation confirmation etc.

Responsibilities of your organisation

  1. Share above requirements for each opportunity to [email protected]
  2. Contact all volunteers promptly and ensure they come to the activity
  3. Additionaly, if your organisation can create digital public relations material that has basic information about the activity, we can promote the the activity further on Social Media
  4. Give volunteer attendance, general feedback to Bhumi and after the activity

Responsibilities undertaken by Bhumi and

  1. To share the volunteer opportunity on the website
  2. The opportunity may also be shared on other communication channels like social media, emailing list etc.
  3. Volunteer signup will be shared with your organisation directly (eg. Google spreadheet) or from time to time and few days before the event or at request from your organisation

Important things to note

  1. The decision to publish any volunteering opportunity on the website or other communication channels like Social Media is the sole prerogative of It is the prerogative of Bhumi and
  2. Volunteer signup and participation cannot be confirmed in advance, since volunteers sign up for activities that interest/attract them over which we have no control
  3. Bhumi and are unable to help in any manner for creation of digital public relation material. That remains the sole responsibility of your organisation.

For any queries or clarifications please feel free to contact us at [email protected]