Instructions – Campus Catalysts

Preferred Causes

  • Right to Education
  • Environment – Swachh Bharat

Other Causes

  • Animals
  • Community
  • Disability
  • Events
  • Health

Preferred Activites

  • Right To Education awareness: campaigns on 25% reservation for poor children in private schools
  • Beautification of public places
  • Lake Cleanup
  • Beach Cleanup
  • Hospital Cleanup
  • Other Cleanups
  • Tree Plantation
  • Park Maintenance

Other Activities

  • Care at Animal Shelter
  • Road Safety Awareness
  • Care at Shelter Home
  • Teaching Children
  • Teaching Adults
  • Blood Donation
  • Health Camps
  • Food Distribution for the homeless
  • Collection drive (Stationery/clothes/funds etc)
  • Recording Audio Books
  • Reading for the Visually Challenged
  • Scribing for the Visually Challenged

Before The activity

  1. Campus Catalyst Kit: Request posters at
  2. Present Bhumi, FestiVol & Daan Utsav to your peers at the institution
  3. Identify a point of contact in every department to spread the word
  4. All activities require prior approval from Bhumi.  Submit your activities here —
  5. Event Coordinator Module Help —
  6. Any unregistered activity  will not be considered for certificates

During the Activity

  1. Activities that might require permission from the police or other government agencies need to be obtained
  2. Photographs must be taken at the time of activity. Pictures with good resolution will be appreciated.
  3. One group picture is mandatory for each activity

Post Activity

  1. Share the activity document and pictures with the Bhuimi team immediately on
  2. Ensure e-certificate for all the participants has been received