Daan Utsav 2016 FAQs

Bhumi is one of India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations. Bhumi as a platform will enable over 12,000 volunteers in more than 12 cities across India for causes like education, environment, animals and community welfare

  • Swachh Bharat – 2nd of october
  • Blood Donation Pledge – 5th of october
  • Seva Sandwich – 8th of october
  • Reading Activity – 8th of october


The cleanup / tree plantation activity can be inside your locality / college, park, beach, lake or a public area nearby.

For more details about the activity visit:

  1. Public Area Clean up : volunteers.org/manuals/pubic-area-clean-up/
  2. Lake Clean up : volunteers.org/manuals/lake-clean-up/
  3. Coastal Clean up : volunteers.org/manuals/coastal-clean-up/

We all pledge to donate blood via an SMS or filling a form on the Bhumi website

You can send a sms to 92200 92200 by typing PLEDGE <name> <email> <pincode> <blood group>


Fill the form in this website  http://www.bhumi.ngo/blood-donors/

Maybe if an emergency arises on the same day,  you could donate. Also, remember only 50% of the giving is done when you pledge, the other 50% will be fulfilled only when you donate blood.

If everybody donates on the same day, there are not enough blood banks in India to preserve all the blood.

A simple activity for empathy-building that leads to insightful conversations with the receivers by giving sandwiches that your group has made

It is the easiest to make without fire and can be done anywhere

You are the event owner and you choose to raise funds/things required for the activity on your own.

Beneficiaries could be people in slums/living under the bridge, orphanages etc.

For more details about the activity visit: volunteers.org/manuals/seva-sandwich/

A wonderful reading activity where every person reads a story to a child and also motivates the child to read it

Any underprivileged child in the orphanage, maids child etc.

The story is available here

For more details about the activity visit : volunteers.org/manuals/reading-activity

There is no age bar to celebrate this event.

Name                :  Abinaya

Email ID            :  [email protected]

Phone Number :  +919840639767

Yes, you can continue to do these activities even after Daan Utsav.

Yes you will be given an e-certificate as soon as you have submitted your event document and photos/videos in the tracker within 2 days of the completion of the event positively. Please ensure that you receive your certificates before the end of October. http://www.bhumi.ngo/catalyse-tracker/

Campus Catalysts are Bhumi’s & Volunteers.org’s ambassadors in organisations (Colleges / Companies). An ambassador would be selected as a Campus Catalyst from every organisation (Department / Class / Project / Location) based on his passion and interest in promoting volunteerism and social causes in his/her organisation. More details about roles and responsibilities visit : www.bhumi.ngo/catalyst/

Yes, you can bring your friends/colleagues who are interested to be leaders to attend the workshop.

Register to be a Campus Catalyst(cc) at www.bhumi.ngo/cc and attend a workshop in your city  or a webinar . You can also register to volunteer for the event by registering at www.bhumi.ngo/volunteer/

A group picture is mandatory with a happy dot on your finger. A good resolution picture is well appreciated. The activity document has to be submitted consisting of the number of volunteers, details regarding the name of their college/institution/ NGO etc within 2 days after the activity for receiving certificates. It should be updated in http://www.bhumi.ngo/catalyse-tracker/

They joy stickers that can be placed on the fingertips as symbol of joy after you complete and activity. Request for happy dot at volunteers.org/poster-request/

Bhumi is planning to unite 1 lakh volunteers to celebrate the event all over India at the same time. These 4 activities are conducted by the Campus Catalyst who would like to make use of the opportunity to lead the event in their College / Organisation. There are more activities conducted by the city coordinators, please write to [email protected] to know more details. If you are interested to do any other activity, you are welcome to do so.

Yes, Bhumi will provide a permission letter to celebrate Daan Utsav in your college. After becoming a campus catalyst please write to [email protected]