Road safety awareness manual

Catalyse Manual – Road Safety Awareness Campaign

Nearly 1.6 lakh people were killed in road accidents in India in 2016. On an average, 17 people were killed in road accidents each and every hour. There is one death every three minutes due to a road accident in India. Two wheelers account for 25% of total road crash deaths. Within ten years these numbers will double unless we do something about this! Lets join hands together to create awareness all over the Nation.

Before the activity :

  • Prior to the programme – Create awareness through sessions, word of mouth, and social media about the event and get more volunteers.
  • Select signals with good amount of traffic and long wait times, this allows enough time to interact with the vehicle users – Suggested to do two weeks before
  • Depending on the number of signals get permission from the nearest police station (for few) or the superintendent / commissioner of police (many signals) with a letter. (Format is attached below) – Suggested to do two weeks before
  • Make 2 copies of the letter; one for your reference and one for the police.
  • Volunteer sign up form needs to be created and circulated (Approach the respective coordinator) – Suggested to do at least 10 days before
  • Make sure you have the road safety placards printed. (Approach the respective coordinator for the collaterals) – Suggested to do 3-7 days before
  • Keep the registered volunteers updated about the road safety event and the timings.
  • Send reminders to the volunteers two days before and on the day of the event.


On D-day (Just before when you start):

  • Reach the event location at least 30 minutes in advance
  • Introduce yourselves to the traffic police with a warm greeting. Give the acknowledged permission letter to them and receive their permission. Also, tell them that we are here to help the public and will not disturb them in any way.
  • Ask the volunteers to assemble nearby the signal and introduce yourself to all,
  • Take a pledge that they will also follow the traffic rules henceforth, and then start the event.


Safety pledge (Compulsory after you brief the volunteers):

I pledge to follow the traffic rules by wearing helmet and seat belt during driving.

I will follow signals and sign boards during driving.

I will also encourage my family, friends and relatives to follow the same.

I will avoid usage of mobile phone while driving.

I will avoid consumption of alcohol while I drive.

I will do my best to avoid road accidents at any situation.


After Briefing & Pledge – When you actually start making awareness on road safety:

  • Wait for the red signal and stop the vehicles before the stop line leaving way for the pedestrians to cross the road.
  • Few volunteers will stand in front of the vehicles with their placards held high and other volunteers can make awareness about the importance of wearing helmet and seat belt to the vehicles waiting in the front.
  • Some volunteers could help the pedestrians by directing them the right time to cross the road. Allot only if you have excess volunteers.
  • Appreciate those who are wearing helmet and seat belt already.
  • If they haven’t brought their helmets, request them to wear it from the next time without fail by giving them a warm smile. Keep on mentioning that 3 people die every hour due to road accidents on an average in India. That will make them understand the importance of road safety.
  • While there could be negative responses from people, do not argue, just tell them that ‘we are here for your safety’ and it’s important both for you and your family, and move on to the next person.
  • Keep an eye on the signal always and as soon as the green signal flashes, carefully move along with the volunteers to the either sides of the road (whichever is convenient to you) without panicking.
  • Assign a volunteer to take photographs and videograph the event, as a form of documentation which can later be updated in the tracker, shared amongst the volunteers and on social media. Awareness about how the event took place can be shared to those who were not directly involved in the event.

After the activity:

  • Thank the traffic police for their time and part in the event.
  • Thank the volunteers for their time and part in the event, also ask them to share their feedback on their overall experience one by one
  • Share the picture and videos taken with the volunteers on Facebook with the hash-tag – #Bhumi and Name of the City (e.g.) #BhumiIndore #BhumiCochin etc.
  • Share the event details with pictures/videos at to get e certificates for all the volunteers

Important Notes for Placards:

  • Please take a colour print out. It is recommended that A3 size sheet of 300 GSM thickness for printing. The average cost of printing one placard will range from Rs. 15 – 20
  • Please print the same design. If needed, you can translate it into your regional language. Please make sure that the translated placard designs are sent to [email protected] for approval before printing.
  • The cost incurred for printing the placards shall be reimbursed if prior approval was received and on submission of bills to [email protected] within one week.
Download Road Safety Awareness placards

Important Instructions for the letter:

  • Print your letter. To make your letter look as professional as possible, only use black ink to print the text of the letter and print in a legible font and size (Times New Roman 12 pt).
  • Fix any mistakes by proofreading and then proofread again.
  • Rewrite the highlighted portions as appropriate for your city.
  • If necessary contact the Bhumi coordinator for any support

Letter format:

The Inspector/ Superintendent/Commissioner,

Town/City Name,






Respected Sir,

Subject: Permission to conduct Road Safety Awareness Campaign


Greetings from Bhumi,

We would like to conduct Road Safety Campaign this month. The campaign will focus on propagating the idea of creating accident free nation, by reminding the general public to wear helmets and seat belts. Kindly permit us to conduct the campaigns in the below mentioned signals. We will make sure that we do not disturb the public and will take the guidance of the traffic police.



  1. Signal Name –
  2. Signal Name –

Time: HH:MM – HH:MM




Name: Your Name

Mob: Your Phone number