Traffic Awareness Campaign with Thozhan | March 29 | Chennai

India has the worst road traffic accident rate in the world!  Traffic Awareness Campaign at signals is for creating road safety awareness among people. To volunteer in Chennai on March 29 with Thozhan, please signup below.

If you are unable to join the volunteers on March 29, join us for future events

Traffic 03

If you are unable to join the volunteers on March 29, join us for future events

Volunteer for future Road safety Awareness Events

Join team of Software Developers for Social Causes | Virtual

Indian National Developers is team of students and software professionals, who provide IT Solutions for NGOs and other social causes.
We are looking for experts to guide and mentor students in the following:
  1. Web Development (HTML / CSS / JS / jQuery / Angular JS / WordPress)
  2. Server Development (PHP / MySQL)
  3. Android
  4. Interested people with any other tech skills are also welcome
Our Objectives:
  1. To impart practical software development knowledge in Engineering students.
  2. To connect Field experts with Students.
  3. To use the collective potential in developing Software for social causes.
Accomplishments as on date:
  1. Vegam Portal – A student registration portal for an annual athletic meet for special children.
  2. Website for Thozhan.
  3. Adyar Cooum RTI Project – Infograph.
Projects in the pipeline:
  1. Online RTI generator.
  2. Traffic Violation Portal (TVP) – Mobile, Server, Web.
  3. Satta Panchayat Iyakkam(SPI) android app.
  4. Post At Time (PAT) Facebook Project.
  5. Website for Nizhal.
  6. Traffic Violation Statistics (TVS) – A web app with much info on Traffic.

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Daan Utsav Fellowships 2015

DU Fellowship

The DaanUtsav Fellowship is an opportunity for young professionals to create significant social change. The Fellowship, hosted by iVolunteer, will enable 1 person in each of 9 cities across India, to reach out to and mobilise hundreds of thousands of citizens to give, and to experience the joy in doing so. In doing so, fellows will build a lot of hard and soft skills, develop fabulous relationships, grow in confidence, and get in touch with their inner selves. Above all, the Fellowship will help each of them experience the exhilarating joy in giving of oneself to society!

The Fellowship programme is a 6 month, full-time commitment from April 29 to October 28, 2015 and is offered to 1 Fellow each in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad and Bhubaneswar.

Each fellow will be assigned a Mentor, who is a DaanUtsav volunteer himself/herself, and will work from the offices of iVolunteer, or the Mentor’s organization, or in a local nonprofit organization. Fellows will be offered a stipend of Rs15,000 per month, and an additional reimbursement of Rs3,000 per month towards local conveyance, telephone and other expenses. Fellows will travel outside their cities for 3-5 days a month, for national orientation, trainings and reviews, a few field visits to surrounding towns and rural areas as part of their work. All such outstation travel expenses will be fully reimbursed, and Mentors will ensure that such travel is safe for the Fellow.

The Fellow’s main role will be to
Daan Utsav Lores

  1. Assist volunteers in the city in helping scale up DaanUtsav participation
  2. Conceptualise, design and implement public events and activity ideas for mass participation in the festival
  3. Meet several new organisations/institutions and previous participants, and engage them in DaanUtsav celebrations. This includes corporates (CEOs, CXOs, HR & CSR heads and managers), schools and colleges (Principals and senior teachers), senior Government officials (senior police & municipal corporation officers, senior executives in Govt enterprises, Secretaries, Directors of Govt departments)
  4. Compile/ create with help from professional designers, suitable collateral for use- presentations, mailers, documents
  5. Schedule and help organize volunteer meets, including logistics, keep minutes and follow up on the tasks agreed by volunteers in each city
  6. Post updates on website, social media and co-ordinate with local media where required
  7. Any other tasks that come up from time to time

We are looking for outstanding individuals who are

  • A graduate or post graduate from a reputed college, with stellar academic and extra-curricular credentials
  • An extroverted person who likes going out and meeting people
  • Very comfortable using email, computers
  • Fluent in English and the local language of the city s/he will be based in
  • Passionate about creating change and excited by the idea of DaanUtsav

Last date to Apply is March 5, 2015

Apply now

Audio Books for Visually challenged – Disability | Bhumi | National

You can volunteer by recording audio books which they can listen to. Sign up here!

  • The content of the books needed by the visually challenged would be sent to you as a PDF file,
  • Recording 20 pages would take you a week – approximately 4 hours of recording.
  • Background knowledge about any subject would not be required
  • Books are available in English now, Tamil books maybe available in future
  • Things required: A computer or laptop with Microphone/Headset

Change Festival by Youth Alliance I Delhi – April 3,4

Youth Alliance, is very excited to bring to culmination the collective conscience of young breed that defies to settle and relentlessly pursues what they deem is required to change for good. This April on the 3th & 4th, let’s come together to engage, strengthen and celebrate the spirit of change, both inner and outer at Change Festival in Delhi, India!

What is Change Festival?

Change Festival is a celebration of the ideas/ experiments/ initiatives/ start ups carried out by young people. It creates a learning community by exploring and understanding individuals who are engaged in transformational experiments and strengthening them with multiple forms of capital. The focus however is dual; along with the intention to impact the outer world, it focuses on the inner transformation of doers.

Who all can participate?

So, if you’re one who aims to create positive change in the world and in the process, be transformed yourself, this is for you! You could have an idea waiting to be translated into action (or) an ongoing experiment/startup looking for collaborators and support; the purpose of Change Festival is to nurture your intended thought with an eco-system of inspired change-makers guided by the spirit of collaborative transformation. Anyone between the age group of 18-25 intending to co-create, build and envision ideas is encouraged to apply.

partner - change festival

The event is run on gift economy – pay as you choose, check our website to know more.

Few need based travel scholarships are also available.

To find more information and application details on this link

For any queries/ volunteering and extending support write to us [email protected] or call Ragini – 098101 39651

First Deadline to be a part of this gathering is 15th February, 2015 and

Second deadline is 9th March, 2015

Volunteer for app development – ivolunteer awards | Virtual

This year will be the third annual iVolunteer Awards. The 2014 awards campaign will mark the launch of an App for the vote stage of the campaign that has been developed by volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers with basic JavaScript knowledge to contribute and help finish this App before the campaign kicks off. The Volunteer team is looking for help with completing these tasks so the App can go live.

Brief description of the project:

What :

Help share stories of everyday heroes whose volunteer stories inspire by example


Help finish developing and testing the iVolunteer Awards voting App Here’s the link to the App

Volunteer’s Role:

  • Volunteer to complete one or more of the tasks listed as issues on GitHub
  • Each feature/ design element that needs to be worked on is listed as a separate issue on GitHub that can be claimed Here’s the GitHub link
  • Update completed task on list and save changes in GitHub

How your skills will change lives:

  • The iVolunteer Awards is India’s sole platform that recognises exemplary volunteer work
  •  Through this App we hope to make sharing of volunteer stories easy to access so more people feel inspired to volunteer
  • We also hope to ensure that the work volunteers have done is available to them to share with the public at large and simultaneously make it easy for people to get in touch with these volunteers

How will this project benefit you:

  • This project promises a whole lot of satisfaction and fun providing ample opportunity to showcaseyour I.T skills on a live one of its kind project

Desired Skills:

  • Knowledge of JavaScript
  • Prior experience on Meteor will be an added advantage
  • College students with knowledge of JavaScript are welcome to apply!

to volunteer contact [email protected] or login to GitHub directly

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Read for Visually challenged – Disability | Bhumi | Chennai

Volunteer your Vision

Day Reading section @  Time Contact person  For whom
Mon – Friday MIT, Chrompet  3.30 – 7pm Raja 9941818360  Men & Women
Monday Youth hostel , Adyar by Dharshini  2- 4.30 pm  Sawimya 9384825512, 04424425512, [email protected]  Men
Tuesday West mambalam (by saisamithi) 4-6pm  Men & Women
Canal, Adyar (by smile foundation ) 4-6pm Dhina 9444782206 Men
Wednesday Bharath school , adyar by karna vidhya 4-6pm Sasi 9840231910 Men & Women
saratha school, Panagal park  3.30 -5pm 9381004365 (Shaila ) Women
Thursday Bharath school , adyar by karna vidhya 4-6pm Sasi 9840231910 Men & Women
saratha school, Panagal park 3.30 -5pm 9381004365 (Shaila ) Women
Friday Youth hostel , Adyar by Dharshini 2-4pm Sawimya 9384825512, 04424425512, [email protected] Men
Saturday Thirumangalam by sai samithi 10.30am – 12.30 pm Vimala – 04426163836 As of now Men only coming, Women also most welcome
Fathima school, kodambakkam 9.30 am – 12.30 pm  Joseph – 9688644474, 9962054684 Men & Women
 Ramakrishna school, Panagal park  4 -6 pm  Men
Sunday PSBB, T.Nagar by saisamithi 10- 12.30  Chidambaram – 9840203481, Anitha – 9840066500 Men & Women
Kolaperumal chetti school, Arumbakkam , near by DG Vaishnav college 10.30 – 12.30 Padma 9444287463, 9940634817, 04426176733 Men & Women
CSI chruch, kodambakkam  4-6 pm Men

1. What if I am not familiar with Tamil language?
You can still volunteer yourself to assist students on English.

2. Do I need to bring text books along with me?
No, the students will bring their own materials.

3. Do I need to be a member of any Charitable trusts or clubs to volunteer to this activity?
No, not at all required.

4. How many students will be assigned to a reader?
It depends upon the batch those students belong to. It may be 1 to 1 or 1 to many.

5.If I am a new comer, Do I need to register to volunteer?
No, not necessary. Just walk in.

6. Can I bring my friends along with me who could also volunteer?
Yes, you can bring friends along with you.

7. Will I be paid any sum for this activity?
No, you wont be paid. Its an 100% self volunteer program.