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Indian National Developers is team of students and software professionals, who provide IT Solutions for NGOs and other social causes.
We are looking for experts to guide and mentor students in the following:
  1. Web Development (HTML / CSS / JS / jQuery / Angular JS / WordPress)
  2. Server Development (PHP / MySQL)
  3. Android
  4. Interested people with any other tech skills are also welcome
Our Objectives:
  1. To impart practical software development knowledge in Engineering students.
  2. To connect Field experts with Students.
  3. To use the collective potential in developing Software for social causes.
Accomplishments as on date:
  1. Vegam Portal – A student registration portal for an annual athletic meet for special children.
  2. Website for Thozhan.
  3. Adyar Cooum RTI Project – Infograph.
Projects in the pipeline:
  1. Online RTI generator.
  2. Traffic Violation Portal (TVP) – Mobile, Server, Web.
  3. Satta Panchayat Iyakkam(SPI) android app.
  4. Post At Time (PAT) Facebook Project.
  5. Website for Nizhal.
  6. Traffic Violation Statistics (TVS) – A web app with much info on Traffic.

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