RELEAD+ : A week to go

RELEAD+ is designed to equip participants with the newest skills and ideas across various leadership domains to take the leadership journey to next level and aiming at enhancing entrepreneurial potential, leadership skills, personal assessment and development. It is scheduled to take place from 24th to 29th May 2016 in Bangalore.

Relead+ will help you:
– Build a deeper understanding of yourself : of your skills, strengths, beliefs and fears.
– Build greater meaning into your life : by aligning what you are doing with what you truly want.
– Deepen your leadership journey : by bringing you skills that take you to the ‘next level’ (next level being greater impact and being driven by greater purpose)
– Gain the latest / most powerful skills and ideas in the domain of leadership : by working with and integrating the most recent and meaningful ideas in the domain.
– Build lifelong connections and get started on an ongoing leadership journey : through our alumni program, we will work with you on a lifelong journey of leadership.

Starting an enterprise of your own requires courage, passion and skill. It requires you to go beyond your own limitations and make a creative offering to the world.

At Relead+, we work on each of these. The ‘ME’ journey helps you understand your strengths and limitations, enabling you to act. The skills in the ‘WE’ journey help you deal with people, take them with you and drive them to performance. And, the ‘US’journey lets you identify some areas of the world which you may be passionate about.

Consider Relead+ an small investment in yourself in the this journey, the one that will have a multiplier effect on the way you go about driving your enterprise.

This program incorporates the key attributes of the management development program, but it also looks at the leadership challenge beyond the managerial perspective through several lenses.

We also believe that one does not have to wait for all those years to reach the manager level and then get the training. Here we bring this opportunity to you right now giving you an edge over the others.

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