Boundaryless Fellowship 2016

Boundaryless Initiative is a network of responsible individuals who collectively intend to impact the future of human civilization. These individuals, including several IITians, are spread all over the world. Visit Website. With a view to accelerate the process of creating the Boundaryless World, the initiative is choosing the second batch of  Boundaryless Fellowship.
Boundaryless Fellowship
The 2 year full time residential Boundaryless Fellowship enables the Fellows  capable of addressing the underlying concerns of human civilization. Fellows stay at Sabka Ghar, near Rishikesh, study and learn, organize events, interact with visitors, execute sustainable development projects etc.
Please choose any dates below to attend 2 day BBP. Please note that attending BBP does not guarantee selection in the fellowship. Selection  process also includes a visit to Sabka Ghar and  a personal interaction. You need to make your own travel arrangements to travel to Delhi/ Sabka Ghar. Staying accommodation at Sabka Ghar is available. In Delhi, In case you need assistance in arranging accommodation, pl. let us know.
Do confirm  about the dates you will be attending 2 day BBP dates. The dates for BBP are:
July 9-10 at  Sabka Ghar
Jul  23-24  Delhi
Send completed essay before attending BBP. Also, bring a print out or written pages of your essays to BBP
The selection process is underway.  Download Application
Email the completed application to [email protected].
Date of Commencement: 12th August 2016
Last Date to apply : July 20th 2016
Eligibility Age on 31st July 2016 : 18 years or above
Gender, Nationality : Any
A stipend of Rs 10,000 per month will be offered to few fellows

The Delhi Chief Minister’s Urban Leaders Fellowship 2016

The Delhi Chief Minister’s Urban Leaders Fellowship (CMULF) program provides a unique opportunity to young leaders across India to work within the state government to address some of the most pressing urban challenges in India, and experience what “making change happen” looks like. The Fellowship aims to attract outstanding young men and women who are passionate about public service and are willing to work in GNCTD for one or two years.

The fellowship will start by 1st September, 2016 and the deadline for completion and submission of the application is 4th July, 2016. Candidates must be 21-35 years old at the time of applying and must have a Bachelor’s degree in any academic discipline. Approximately 30 fellows will be selected in 2016 and will be entitled to a remuneration of up to INR 1,25,000 per month depending on their academic, professional and work experience. For more information about the program, you can visit:

In case of any queries, please send us an email at [email protected] or tweet to us @swaniti

Community Connect Fellowship 2016

The Community Connect Fellowship (CCF) has opened its applications for the 4th batch of fellows to join in MUMBAI !

Being young has so many questions in our heads…
Should I have fun? Or work hard for my career?
Wait…what about the society around me?
Is it the one I would ideally want to live in?
But what can a young person like me do who is already loaded with the above thoughts!?

CCF has a combined solution to all these questions.

It is a part-time fellowship offered at no cost to young people (18-25 years) in Mumbai

A 7-month leadership development program empowering youth to be active citizens through service learning.

It also aims to develop their employability skills through on-ground action including mobilizing volunteers and facilitating democratic discussions.

Who can apply?:
· Anyone who is 18-25 years of age
· Wants to build essential real life skills that classroom teaching lacks
· Love to do on ground action for creating change in the City
· Wants an edge in your life and CV over regular academics

How to Apply?
· Fill the online form on
· Attend the orientation (details of the venue would be sent via email to applicants and updated on the website)
Last date to apply: 30th June 2016

For more details please check:

Volunteers for Dhyan Foundation | Chennai

Dhyan Foundation is an organisation teaching “YOG with a Spiritual Dimension”, sans commerce, under the guidance of YOGI ASHWINIJI. One of their projects include educating the underprivileged children at Anand Vidyalayas (AV), which are spread across India.

This requirement is for teaching volunteers (all subjects) at the AV at ICF Signal, near Anna Nagar in Chennai.
Group includes of 10 – 15 students, from classes 2-9.
Timings: 5 PM – 7 PM (can be made flexible, based on volunteer’s availability) – three to five days a week
Syllabus: aligned to 
TN State board and Matriculation
For queries, please contact 8939458977 and 9941296302

Volunteers for AID India | Chennai

AID India needs volunteers who can give us two Saturdays (on June 25, 2016 and July 2, 2016) to train its Eureka tutors in English content. These tutors take classes for children in villages in Tamil Nadu.

AID India’s resource team will train the volunteers in Chennai on June 25, 2016 at AID India’s office from 10 AM to 3 PM. Lunch will be provided.

The volunteers will be required to travel to nearby districts on July 2, 2016 to train the tutors. It will be a day’s trip and AID India will reimburse the travel costs.

For queries, please contact 9790951652 / [email protected]

Volunteer for Education Survey | Chennai

Avanti Fellows is a pan India education based NGO working towards providing a platform for highly motivated student from the underprivileged section of the society to help in realizing their dream of scoring good marks and getting into colleges. We have been working in the education field for the past 4 years. Previously we have worked with IX and X standard students in Corporation schools.

Currently we are in the process of teaching (math and science) curriculum and mentoring behavioral management for about 1,500 students of IX over 15 schools of Chennai Corporation School. Avanti Fellow is looking for 30 volunteer surveyors for a period of one month to carry out its Baseline survey in about 24 Chennai Corporation schools.

The volunteers who are interested must be available from June 22, 2016 to July 23, 2016

The Volunteers will be paid a stipend of Rs 350 per day.

Skills – Able to speak read and understand Tamil and English.
Qualifications – Any college students or graduates.

For any queries, please contact: Benjamine Charles – 988420559

If you are interested to volunteer, please sign up below:

Volunteers for Hearts For Hearts | Chennai

Hearts for Hearts, a non-profit organisation in Chennai, is looking for volunteers to coordinate and manage health camps, and document the processes. If you’re interested, please sign up and the concerned will get in touch with you.

Hearts of Hearts ensures that surgical and interventional technology reaches the less affluent with heart diseases. Through its commendable work, the organisation has reached out to hundreds of children and adults, and improved their quality of life significantly.

Volunteers for Katha on Ratha | Chennai

“Katha on Ratha”, a “read along with children” program to instill the passion and confidence of reading and learning for young children, requires full-time fellows and volunteers to play the role of reading coaches who will be assigned to a school or cluster of schools (about 5) based on their availability and the school availability.

Graduates who are passionate in volunteering their time and inspired for the cause of instilling the passion of reading and learning among young children. Involves travelling to a select school on the same day of the week (mostly Saturday) in and around Chennai to engage with children in read along sessions; will be trained on story telling techniques to make the classroom sessions more engaging.

Reading Coach (fellow/ volunteer) needs to prepare and deliver the following as part of each Read along session:
· Reads Aloud a bilingual book (or set of two books) in English and Tamil in an engaging way using appropriate Role play/ story telling techniques
· Conduct activities to improve phonemic and phonics awareness, language fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Must have:
a. Strong passion to make good Education accessible for all children and sharing knowledge
b. Ready to work in challenging situation
c. Very strong English and Tamil communication skills
d. Participated in Extra- curricular activities with active Participation in any one of the following : Role play/ Story telling/ Puppet/Quiz/ Elocution
e. Passionate in Reading books and can be a role model for children
f.Rooted in strong value system

Volunteer to add voice to multimedia content

Classle is into the education domain for many years, and as part of its community project, requires volunteers to add voice to its multimedia content.

The live books which Classle creates in only embedding voice over to the content of the book; this would give the experience of reading the book by listening to the video, and also improve the listening capability, and concentration of the children.
The  responsibilities of the volunteers is to record the voice for the content of the book in a way that the students can follow each and every slide when they were listening to the video; thus, the pitch of the voice should be in constant speed.

If you’re interested to be a voice volunteer, please sign up, and the concerned from Classle will get in touch with you.


RELEAD+ : A week to go

RELEAD+ is designed to equip participants with the newest skills and ideas across various leadership domains to take the leadership journey to next level and aiming at enhancing entrepreneurial potential, leadership skills, personal assessment and development. It is scheduled to take place from 24th to 29th May 2016 in Bangalore.

Relead+ will help you:
– Build a deeper understanding of yourself : of your skills, strengths, beliefs and fears.
– Build greater meaning into your life : by aligning what you are doing with what you truly want.
– Deepen your leadership journey : by bringing you skills that take you to the ‘next level’ (next level being greater impact and being driven by greater purpose)
– Gain the latest / most powerful skills and ideas in the domain of leadership : by working with and integrating the most recent and meaningful ideas in the domain.
– Build lifelong connections and get started on an ongoing leadership journey : through our alumni program, we will work with you on a lifelong journey of leadership.

Starting an enterprise of your own requires courage, passion and skill. It requires you to go beyond your own limitations and make a creative offering to the world.

At Relead+, we work on each of these. The ‘ME’ journey helps you understand your strengths and limitations, enabling you to act. The skills in the ‘WE’ journey help you deal with people, take them with you and drive them to performance. And, the ‘US’journey lets you identify some areas of the world which you may be passionate about.

Consider Relead+ an small investment in yourself in the this journey, the one that will have a multiplier effect on the way you go about driving your enterprise.

This program incorporates the key attributes of the management development program, but it also looks at the leadership challenge beyond the managerial perspective through several lenses.

We also believe that one does not have to wait for all those years to reach the manager level and then get the training. Here we bring this opportunity to you right now giving you an edge over the others.

Click here for brochure that will give you more details about it.
Click here for registrations.