Relead+ – An opportunity to build leadership skills | Fellowships

Relead+ is a 6 day residential program by The Blue Ribbon Movement, coming up in May 2016. It is a program which will help :

  • Build a deeper understanding of yourself : of your skills, strengths, beliefs and fears.
  • Build greater meaning into your life : by aligning what you are doing with what you truly want.
  • Deepen your leadership journey : by bringing you skills that take you to the ‘next level’ (next level being greater impact and being driven by greater purpose)
  • Gain the latest / most powerful skills and ideas in the domain of leadership : by working with and integrating the most recent and meaningful ideas in the domain.
  • Build lifelong connections and get started on an ongoing leadership journey : through our alumni program, we will work with you on a lifelong journey of leadership.

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